K - 5th

Our goal for New Life Kids is simple: we want our precious little people to fall completely in love with Jesus Christ and to make Him #1 in their lives! If you need to contact us for any reason, please email us at nlk@newlifecovenant.org.

It is our privilege to partner with the parents of New Life Kids in molding our children's lives with the love of Jesus. Recent polls show that 85% of all current professing Christians say they were "born again" (had made Jesus their personal Lord and Savior) by 12 years of age. Wow! That places a tremendous responsibility on us as a church and as parents in reaching our children with the gospel message of Jesus Christ while they are young!

On Sunday mornings children are learning to use Bible in a hands-on-way! Our focus is Putting God First by learning His Word and acting upon it.


On Sunday mornings children hear Bible stories, sing worship songs, participate in interactive lessons and crafts, and receive care that reinforces our focus themes: "God made me", "God loves me", and "Jesus wants us to help others".

0 - 36 Months

On Sundays mornings children hear Bible stories and worship songs, and receive care that consistently demonstrates our focus themes: "God made me" and "God loves me".

Locations + Service times

Sunday Services

Cargill Learning Center: Sunday 10:30am

Ministry Center

Office Hours: 8am - 1pm Mon-Thursday