1819 W. Douglas a church building built in the 1950’s and 1960’s has been the birth place of many churches in the Wichita community, the beginning of many marriages, baptisms, and walks with God. In April 2017 the church hosted it’s last service as “West Side Christian Church” and in October 2017 New Life Covenant Church purchased the campus as their new home. 

We bought a building!

In June the New Life Covenant Church Building Committee recommended and the Elders agreed to move forward in the process of purchasing the West Side Christian Campus. On October 13th 2017 we finalized the purchase of the property. The campus consist of 4 main properties; 1819 W. Douglas (The Church), 1812 W. Douglas (parking lot and small commercial building), 1814 W. Douglas (Parking and commercial building), and 111 N. Vine (a 3 bay bus building).

Building Campaign

With every move we have made in the past God has made a way for us to pay off loans and be debt free. We are believing for this same miracle as we take steps to purchasing the West Side Christian Church campus. If you would like to give to this fund you can do that any Sunday by writing “Building Fund” on your offering envelope or you can give online here.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have started a 60 day renovation process to get the building ready for Sunday services and midweek ministries.  Sign Up to Serve on a Project 1819 Team here!

Congregational Vote Of Affirmation:

On Sunday, July 9th during the 9am & 10:30am services the congregation voted nearly unanimously to affirm the purchase of the West Side Christian Church properties.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Why Now?

We have been looking for a permanent home where Sunday services and weekday ministry could take place at one location for the last 12 years. Our search has taken us from downtown theaters, to commercial property out east and even industrial property on the west side of town. The Building Committee has been scouting out places to buy or build for years now so when the opportunity came up to consider West Side Christian Church it marked a rare opportunity when property availability and God’s peace presented itself at the same time. Logistically we are limited by our lack of space at the ministry center and looking forward our Sunday ministries will outgrow the Cargill Learning Center at the Zoo but the driving factor in our pursuit of the West Side Christian Church is the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Where is the new building located?

The new building is located just a few blocks west of Seneca on Douglas St. at 1819 West Douglas.

What will we do with the current ministry center (2301 N. Hoover)?

We don’t plan on operating out of 2 locations at this time. Eventually all church activities would be held at the new campus and the current Ministry Center (2301 N. Hoover) would be sold or leased. The Building is currently listed with J. P. Weigand commercial realtors.

Who is on The Building Committee?

The building committee currently consists of: Chris Vannover, Kit Tabor, Joe Winger, Steve Manweiler, Justin Mayer, Brice Tabor, Grant Roskam, Mike Kiser, and Tim Fruits

What is the purpose of the Building Committee?

The building committee was commissioned by Pastor Kit and the Trustees to oversee the search for New Life’s next home. They are a diverse group of spiritual leaders and strategic thinkers that have committed to seek God both individually and as a group and evaluate opportunities to buy or build a church building and home.

What happened to the land at 135th & Maple?

Through a series of miracles, the church purchased 10 acres of land on the northwest corner of 135th Street West and Maple Avenue in 2003.

Over the years, the Building Committee reviewed various options that included both building on the land and selling the land for additional capital to use on an existing building elsewhere in the city. All attempts to develop the land ended with the difficult reality that developing the land would be costly and selling the land was difficult due to the economy struggles that began in 2008.

In 2016 we were approached by a well respected developer to purchase the land at a significant increase over what we payed for the property. Knowing that it was unlikely we would develop for ourselves on this land the building committee recommended and the Elders agreed to sell the land. The Money from this purchase was used to pay off the mortgage on the Ministry Center and the remainder was placed in the NLCC building fund.