For those of you who are unfamiliar with the story of our land, the past Building Campaign, and the Building Committee, here are the basics that cover the past 9 years:

As Of Right Now…

The building committee has reassembled and is actively pursuing several avenues to get New Life Covenant a permanent, centralized location. The building committee currently consists of: Chris Vannover, Kit Tabor, Joe Winger, Steve Manweiler, Justin Mayer, Dwight Wehner, Brice Tabor, Grant Roskam and Tim Fruits. We are very excited as God continues to open doors to provide a more suitable place for us to minister to the community from and see heaven invade earth.

The Land

Through the miraculous power of God, the church purchased 10 acres of land on the northwest corner of 135th Street West and Maple Avenue in 2003. Since then, a retention pond has been dug on the land to retain water for the benefit of the homeowners and our future building, while the land itself has been continually cared for by a nearby farmer. There are 7 usable acres on the land, which is bordered by 135th Street West on the east, a medical clinic and Meritrust Credit Union on the south, Auburn Hills homes on the west and northwest, and the retention pond on the northeast.

Over the past several years, the Building Committee has reviewed various options that included both building on the land and selling the land for additional capital to use on an existing building elsewhere in the city. During this time, no feasible options came to fruition and so the church has continued to wait on the perfect opportunity to move forward.

Building Campaign

Sensing the need to start moving in a direction towards our own building, the church collected its first designated offering for a Building Campaign and began a 3-year pledge campaign in November 2005. The campaign ended in December 2008, however many people continue to give towards the Building Fund so that these designated funds continue to grow. These monies give us working capital that is needed to begin a building project.